By March 10, 2018

Authors’ Row | A New Literary Journey Begins

What is Authors’ Row? Right now, it’s little more than a crudely designed WordPress site; in time, I envision it as a multifaceted resource for authors, complete with writing tips, author interviews, and even a publishing division. As this site grows, it will include information pertaining to outlines, the writing process, productivity, query letters, self-publishing, and everything else that a new or seasoned writer would find relevant.

Phase 1 is the podcast. By the end of March, the first episode of the Authors’ Row podcast should be live and free to download. At least, that’s the goal. Once the podcast gets rolling, you can count on new episodes each week.

A little about me: My name is Chris, and I’m currently working on my fifth novel, an urban crime story involving an exorcist, a phony psychic, a socialite, and a Vegas magician. But more on that later. As I finish the novel and brave the turbulent waters of publication, I plan to document the entire journey right here: successes, failures, teachable moments. I’ve also connected with some really cool people who are going to contribute and share their own journeys.

Welcome to Authors’ Row!

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Chris Scalise is currently working on his fifth novel. Sadly, his first two novels are forever lost, but that's probably best for everyone. In his spare time, he enjoys cozying up with a riveting book like The Chicago Manual of Style. He also enjoys writing about himself in the third person.

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