By March 11, 2018

Chris’s Author Diary | Entry #1

writer self-doubtSince getting back to my writing routine, I’ve set a personal goal for myself: write 1,000 words a day. It’s not much, but considering I work a 9-to-5 in addition to juggling various freelance gigs, it’s actually a fairly ambitious goal. The way I see it, 1,000 words a day enables me to finish an entire novel (well, an entire first draft of a novel) in three months.

So I’ll be using my author diary to document my progress, share learning experiences, and occasionally vent about the tedium of writing. It may not be of much use to people right now, but if the novel ever achieves any sort of success in the publishing or self-publishing realm, this blog may ultimately serve as a valuable tool for other aspiring writers who are looking to better understand the process.

So as I said in a previous article, I’m currently working on my fifth novel, an urban crime story involving an exorcist, a phony psychic, a socialite, and a Vegas magician. It’s tentatively titled The Devil’s Lullaby. That’s really all I’m at liberty to say right now, but it’s coming along. The novel currently stands at 33,000 words, so if I keep up my intended pace, I should have a complete first draft by May 7th, 2018 (give or take a few days).

Progress Report

Total Words Written: 33,000

What I’m Currently Reading: Diva Las Vegas by Stephanie Caffrey

What I’m Currently Listening To: Live in the Moment by Portugal. The Man

What I’m Writing: The Devil’s Lullaby

Lessons Learned This Week: As I venture into the second act of my novel, I’m finding myself plagued by the same types of nagging self-doubt that always rears its ugly head at this point in the writing process. I’m consumed by thoughts like, Why would a character do this? Should I just gut this entire chapter and call it a loss? This may be the worst novel ever written by a human being in history. I’m comforted, however, by the words of one of my favorite fantasy authors, Terry Books. When I saw him speak at the L.A. Times Festival of Books a few years ago, he spoke about having the exact same fears and insecurities. With every book he writes, he has these same moments of crippling self-doubt. And this is a guy with over 21 million copies in print. So my mantra this week is to just relax and learn from those nagging voices (sometimes they actually make a good point) without letting them derail my efforts or my confidence.

Goals For This Coming Week: Write another 7,000 words. Get the Authors’ Row podcast up and running, and record the first episode.

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Chris Scalise is currently working on his fifth novel. Sadly, his first two novels are forever lost, but that's probably best for everyone. In his spare time, he enjoys cozying up with a riveting book like The Chicago Manual of Style. He also enjoys writing about himself in the third person.

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